Mamma Mia! Weekly Schedule

Here is the next 2 weeks of rehearsals.  Be sure to check back every week to see the rehearsal schedule.  It is subject to change.  Tentative schedule for following weeks are below, just scroll down.  These schedules can also be found on the call board outside the Theatre room.

Schedule for January 21-25, 2019

Monday, January 21
No Rehearsal (MLK Day)

Tuesday, January 22
3:10- Choreograph Dancing Queen, Chiquiita – All Called (except Krause)
6:00- End

Wednesday, January 23
3:10- Block Pages 74-98 – E. Allen, Anderson, Beraja, Garcia, Greer, Krause, S. Nakken, M. Sobel
6:00- End

Thursday, January 24
3:10- Choreograph Waterloo, Take A Chance, Does Your Mother Know – All Called (Everyone including Krause!)
6:00- End

Friday, January 25
No Rehearsal


Tentative Schedule for January 28-February 1, 2019
Subject to Change

Monday, January 28
3:10- Work Through Act 1 – All Called (except Krause)
6:00- End

Tuesday, January 29
3:10- Work Through Act 2 – All Called (you’re called Kason)
6:00- End

Wednesday, January 30
3:10- Full Run – All Called
6:00- End

Thursday, January 31
3:10- Choreography – All Called (not Krause)
6:00- End

Friday, February 1
3:10- Music Review/Dance Through – All Called (as in Everyone except Krause)