This class will be taught online for a while.

  1. To access the class website go to
  2. In the top righthand corner, click the + and “join class.”
  3. Enter Code: w3tysdd
  4. At the top, Click on “Classwork.”

If you want to talk live you can join my Zoom Monday-Friday from 9:00-11:45am.

  1. Download Zoom by going to or find it in the App Store
  2. Join me by entering code: 6799896337

You are always welcome to email me at anytime as well at

Stagecraft is designed to introduce students to every aspect of technical theatre, design, management, and administration.  This is a hands on class that requires safety equipment and detailed instruction for your protection and for the wellbeing of those using what you create.  You will learn to research, design, and build stage sets, costumes, lights, soundscapes, makeup, and props. You will also study the fundamentals of Stage Management and marketing for the theatre.

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